Xiaomi officially introduces their smart glasses

Xiaomi officially introduces their smart glasses

Named Xiaomi Smart Glasses, Xiaomi offers smart glasses that can be used independently.

Not only focusing on smartphones, but Xiaomi is also diligent in presenting various smart devices, including Internet of Things (IoT) devices, to support lifestyle. Today they introduced their newest smart wearable device, namely Xiaomi Smart Glasses. Weighing 51 grams, the Xiaomi Smart Glasses can display messages and notifications, make calls, navigate services, capture photos, and translate text right in front of the user’s eyes. Interestingly, these smart glasses can work independently.

This device weighs only 51 grams. Although light, Xiaomi has embedded many features into this IoT device.

The screen already uses MicroLED technology. Like OLED, MicroLED pixels light up individually so the display can be brighter with deeper blacks. With a simpler structure, MicroLED has a higher pixel density and a longer lifespan. This advantage makes Xiaomi Smart Gllasses have a more compact appearance and easier integration with eyeglass lenses.

Xiaomi Smart Glasses have a display chip measuring 2.4 x 2.02 millimeters to ensure users get a maximum brightness level of up to 2 million nits which is very bright, even when used during the hot day.

To run these glasses, Xiiaomi Smart Glasses are equipped with a powerful quad-core ARM SoC. However, it is not explained how much battery is in this device and how long it will last.

There is also optical waveguide technology, which significantly reduces the size and weight of Xiaomi Smart Glasses so that these smart glasses can approach the shape of glasses in general.

Xiaomi says that the Xiaomi Smart Glasses integrate as many as 497 components, including sensors and communication modules in a small size, which makes this device not just a “second screen” of the user’s smartphone.

These glasses can indeed display notifications and calls. But, on the other hand, users will also get support for navigation, taking photos, being a teleprompter, and translating text and images directly.

Users can also make calls directly because Xiaomi Smartt Glasses already have their own microphone and speaker. This device uses a microphone and speakers arranged with beamforming technology to ensure conversations can be heard clearly.

Not to forget, there is also a 5MP camera in front of the glasses. Users can use it to take photos and translate text directly, which is very useful when they are traveling abroad.

Unfortunately, until now, it is not known when they will launch Xiaomii Smart Glasses. Likewise with the price which is still unknown.


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