Xiaomi Follows Apple in Smartwatch Sales

Xiaomi Follows Apple in Smartwatch Sales

Autotechgadget.com – In a recent Canalys report, Xiaomi leads overall smartwatch sales in the second quarter of 2021.

Apple will announce its latest smartwatch device, the Watch Series 7 at the end of this September. But, before the device was launched, there was surprising news coming from Xiaomi.

In a recent report from Canalys, Apple hit 7.9 million overall smartwatch sales in the second quarter of 2021. However, Xiaomi managed to overtake Apple last, with overall smartwatch sales reaching 8 million devices.

While in third position there is Huawei and Fitbit following behind. Meanwhile, Samsung is said to be in the tail position in smartwatch sales in Q2 2021. Keep in mind, this is the result of combined sales, both smartwatches, smart bands, and others.

Analysts say that Xiaomi managed to outperform its competitor’s thanks to the sales of Mi Smart Band 6. It should be remembered, India, which is one of the strongest bases of Xiaomi, was not included in the global premiere sale.

“Xiaomi made a wise move to accelerate the release of the Mi Band 6, which is a more attractive devvice than its predecessor,” said Canalys Research Analyst Cynthia Chen, as quoted from the Wccftech page (September 5).

“Xiaomi’s rapid shift to watches helped the company increase watch shipments by 1.3 million units this quarter.”

Interestingly, if we talk about smartwatch sales specifically, Apple with their Watch scored a 31.1 percent market share. Huawei is in the second position with a market share of 9 percent, while Xiaomi is in third place with a market share of 5.7 percent.

Analysts also predict that with the presence of the Apple Watch Series 7, Apple’s smartwatch market share will increase again. But with a note, they can meet market demand in the midst of a chipset shortage as it is today.

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