Xiaomi consistently leaves the “Mi” brand

Xiaomi consistently leaves the “Mi” brand

Xiaomi stripped consistent branding “Mi” and did not use it on upcoming smartphones, Xiaomi 12th

president Xiaomi Lei Jun’sin, his speech at Qualcomm Xiaomi Tech Summit 2021, announced 12 as smartphones that use a Snapdragon processor 8 Gen 1. The announcement was also confirmed that the company has completely abandoned its products’ “Mi” branding.

This news has actually been circulating since August 2021. Xiaomi is known to have shed the “Mi” branding on all of its newest products, not only smartphones but also smart TVs, smartbands, smartwatches, and other IoT products, according to a report by XDA Developers.

This change starts with the MIX 4, Xiaomi’s first smartphone with an under-display camera. Before MIX 4, all Xiaomi smartphones still had the Mi prefix. Then it was continued through the Xiaomi 11T line, which was present in Indonesia on 4 November. 

At the Xiaomi 11T Series press conference, Product Marketing Manager of Xiaomi Indonesia Calvin Nobel said the company wanted to clarify its branding and make a difference between other Xiaomi smartphone series.

“We are trying to make branding and products clearer. There are also more differences between Xiaomi, Redmi, and also POCO,” said Calvin.

Meanwhile, according to XDA Developers, there will be no changes to existing Mi products on the market, and the company will continue to sell them as Mi branding.


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