Xbox will focus on improving the Game DVR feature in 2022

Xbox will focus on improving the Game DVR feature in 2022

In a recent interview, one of the Xbox executives spoke about the weakness of the Game DVR feature on current generation consoles.

One of the features of the controller is the latest Xbox generation of featured screenshots and screen recorder. This is a feature gamers have been waiting for to share their moments with friends.

However, as is well known, gamers have a very hard time using this one feature. They found that the screenshots and screen recorder results when using these shortcuts were not very satisfactory.

But, it seems the party Microsoft has looked into this problem. And recently, Director of Program Management at Xbox, Jason Ronald, admitted in an interview that the Xbox team is still not getting the right ingredients for this one feature.

He said the Xbox team is currently working on improving the feature called Game DVR. Jason said next year, and they want to solve all those problems.

“I would say Game DVR will get a lot better development than this year. This is definitely a priority for us. We definitely hear feedback,” Jason said, as quoted from the Wccftech page (November 30).

Jason also gave a little leak about the new features in the Xbox Series X|S. When asked if they will have a trophy feature like the one on their competitor’s platform, he replied casually.

“Regarding the achievement (feature), we must have heard feedback about it. The achievement (feature) is an interesting one, it’s just that gamers have a different point of view,” said Jason. So, for now, it looks like Xbox won’t be featuring the feature on its platform.

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