Xbox is officially a partner for the England national football team

Xbox is officially a partner for the England national football team

Xbox – Microsoft is rumored to have entered into an agreement and officially become the gaming partner of the British national football team. The shape of this deal is said to last for years, but the detailed terms were not disclosed.

According to the Microsoft website (August 30), they are working with The Football Association (FA) to campaign for Grassroots Gaming to create an engaging experience for football and game fans worldwide. The first phase of Microsoft’s partnership with the FA began with the slogan “When Everybody Plays, We All Win.”

Microsoft and the FA say they share a common vision of inclusivity in gaming, both in the digital and real worlds. This slogan was deemed important after England’s defeat in the Euro 2020 Final, in which some club members received unsavory and hateful messages.

Director of Global Xbox Partnerships Marcos Waltenberg said they are trying to eliminate and empower people to experience an exciting gaming experience on Xbox. Millions of people worldwide can find the same vision and mission with them and connect through games, just like in football.

“At the FA, we see countless organizations that share the same drive and ambition to give freedom as we do at Xbox. Through this partnership, we aim to add value to the England national team and strengthen the dreams of players and fans everywhere,” Marcos said.

The FA’s Director of Marketing and Commercial, Kathryn Swarbrick, is delighted to be working with Xbox because the value of Xbox can be on par with the FA. He saw the culture of playing games being loved and embraced by many people, so the partnership between Xbox and the FA could be an opportunity to build a relationship with football in England.

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“As a not-for-profit organization, commercial partnerships are extremely important and allow us to continue to invest millions across all levels of the game. That’s why we’re grateful for Xbox’s support,” said Kathryn.

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