Wuling announced the Bingo electric car with a compact design

Wuling announced the Bingo electric car with a compact design

Wuling has presented an electric car called Wuling Bingo in China. It has an eye-catching compact design. An automotive company from China, Wuling, once launched an affordable electric car called the Hongguan Mini EV. This car is said to be the highest-selling electric vehicle in its home country. Wuling has launched a new compact electric car known as Wuling Bingo to continue this achievement.

The latest batch of the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology’s new car declaration catalog released a few days ago revealed the latest Bingo electric car model. Reporting from Gizmochina (November 18), the appearance of this new car adopts a retro-style design. In the future, it could become a competitor to small electric cars like the Euler Haomao.

Wuling Bingo adopts a new design philosophy from the Wuling family. The front of this electric car has rounded lines, including the headlights, which are also warm and charming. The LED and lens configuration adds a lot of technological feel to it.

The lights on the back of the car body are also elliptical in shape, which is almost like the front of the car. The overall body of Wuling Bingo looks very attractive and is expected to be welcomed by many female owners.

In terms of body size, this new car’s length, width, and height are 3,950 mm, 1,708 mm, and 1,580 mm, respectively, while the wheelbase is 2,560 mm. It adopts a 4-door design and is positioned above the Wuling Hongguan Mini EV.

The rest of the new car will be equipped with tires measuring 185/60 R15 with a weight of 990 kg. It is equipped with a single motor with a maximum power of 30 kW. Battery life information has yet to be disclosed, but due to its lightweight, battery life is expected to be over 300 km. Unfortunately, the price of this electric car has yet to be announced.


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