Twitter users can block followers secretly

Twitter users can block followers secretly

The Soft Block feature allows Twitter users to block followers secretly without the account knowing.

Twitter reportedly gives users the ability to control followers without taking potentially attention-grabbing steps, including blocking followers. This feature is called Soft Block, which the company started testing last September.

Apart from the option of a private account, some users sometimes want to make their account open to the public but are worried that the content will be seen by unwanted people, even one of their followers. One way is to block the account. However, this step has the potential to invite problems if the account owner realizes that he has been blocked or receives a notification that the account has been blocked.

Referring to this problem, Twitter presents a Soft Block feature that allows users to block someone secretly. This feature is only available via the web, and blocked accounts will not receive any notification about it.

The blocked account may notice it gradually because it no longer sees tweets on the Twitter timeline from your account. However, they can still see it manually searching for your account and going to your profile. 

Reporting from SlashGear (October 12), Twitter first announced the testing of the feature in early September, describing Soft Block as a curation feature. This new option to secretly delete followers can be found in the same menu where you can block or mute the account.

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