Twitter Spaces can now be hosted on all accounts without a minimum of followers

Twitter Spaces can now be hosted on all accounts without a minimum of followers

Previously, only Twitter accounts with more than 600 followers could create a room on Spaces.

All users can now make the Spaces feature on Twitter. Spaces are Twitter’s audio chat feature which was launched in November 2020. At that time, audio-based chat platforms were in vogue with the presence of Clubhouse.

Previously Spaces could only be hosted by Twitter accounts that already had more than 600 followers. But with this update, anyone with a Twitter account has the same capabilities and can host their own Space.

Twitter is a little behind in presenting this capability. This is because the company previously promised that each account could create Spaces last April. Unfortunately, this can only be realized 6 months later.

Through a tweet, Spaces announced that this capability is available for both Android and iOS users. The tweet also features a GIF that briefly explains how to start Spaces.

Twitter has continued to develop Spaces this year. Previously the team brought the co-host feature and 10 speaker capabilities. There’s also the Spark program and a trial of the Ticketed Spaces feature, a paid audio room.

The company seems to be continuing to innovate Spaces to compete with Clubhouse and become another audio chat option for users, especially those who are more familiar with Twitter.


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