Twitter Space Features – A fee will be charged on Twitter’s audio-based chat room feature, Space will be charged. Where listeners must pre-purchase a ticket called Ticketed Space.

Applications social media Audio-based are likely to monetize their services soon. Because, despite Clubhouse still experimenting with payment systems, Twitter announced a payment system for a recently released Clubhouse-like feature, Space.

Ticketed Space is a payment system that the company announced will be coming to Space. This allows users to host more exclusive audio events, with listeners having to pre-purchase tickets to join. 

According to the Twitter announcement quoted from Slash Gear (24/5), hosts will receive 80% of ticket sales revenue after being deducted by platform fees by Apple and Google. For example, if one ticket costs USD 10, the event owner will receive USD 5.6 per ticket. 

The payment system will be handled by the Stripe payment service and will be borne by transaction fees on that service. Thus, anyone who wants to hold paid Space or wants to join must have a Stripe account. 

Ticketed Space is currently in testing and can only be hosted by a handful of users in the US. However, anyone can join and pay for tickets. 

The Super Follows feature, where Twitter users can subscribe to a specific account for exclusive content, is also rumored to be part of the package. Like reports previously, the company is indeed developing a paid service called Twitter Blue. Ticketed Space will probably integrate with Twitter Blue and expand the app monetization plan. -Twitter Space Features

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