Twitter downvote trial for web-based users

Twitter downvote trial for web-based users

After testing it on iOS devices, Twitter is now testing the downvote feature for web-based users.

In early 2021, Twitter was reportedly testing various ways for users to reduce comments on their posts. This is because many users of the platform too often get malicious comments.

And one way that Twitter takes to do this is to provide a downvote button. This was revealed by one of the social media researchers, Jane Manchun Wong. He said Twitter is now back-testing the feature on the web. Also, Twitter makes it non-public. So, most likely, they limit who can use it.

Ubergizmo (October 26) said this feature would only allow users to express their dislike of a post or comment. This is the same as the dislike button that used to be on Facebook. In addition, if a post or comment gets a lot of downvotes, then the comment or post will be pushed to the bottom or even be hidden altogether if there are too many.

However, this number of downvotes will not be shown to the public. Only those who posted tweets or made comments can see the exact number of downvotes earned. Apart from web-based applications, this feature has previously been tested on iOS devices. It’s unknown if anything changes during the trial period on iOS devices or when using the web.


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