This is the reason why Facebook servers can’t be accessed

This is the reason why Facebook servers can’t be accessed

Vice president of infrastructure for Facebook, Santosh Janardhan, revealed the reason why Facebook et al. were inaccessible for several hours.

Services Facebook last Monday had experienced problems globally. Users were unable to access all of Facebook’s services, including Instagram and WhatsApp, for several hours.

Facebook has managed to overcome this after several hours of repairing. However, they did not immediately provide a reason why users could not access the application.

But recently, Facebook has started to open up about what happened on its social media platform yesterday. According to the company’s vice president of infrastructure, Santosh Janardhan, the downfall of their system started with what should have been routine maintenance. 

“At some point yesterday, an order was issued that was supposed to assess the availability of the backbone network connecting all of Facebook’s different computing facilities. Instead, the command accidentally disconnects the connection,” Janardhan said, as quoted from the Engadget page (October 6).

When Facebook’s DNS servers can’t connect to the company’s main data center, they stop sending the border gateway protocol (BGP) routing information that every device on the internet needs to connect to the server.

“Eventually, our DNS server became unreachable even though it was still operational. This makes it impossible for the entire internet to find our servers,” Janardhan said.


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