This is Intel target for XE-HP GPU

This is Intel target for XE-HP GPU

Intel – In a recent statement, Raja Koduri revealed the placement of their newest GPU, the XE-HP GPU.

Intel’s AXG GM Raja Koduri has just shared information regarding the latest generation of data center GPU lineup. Information this time provides some information about how this GPU will be placed in the market.

As is known, the Intel Xe-HP GPU was originally announced in mid-2020. Intel also called this GPU a “multi-tile graphics series designed for data centers, with the main purpose of being a media supercomputer accelerator.”

Intel has even created three separate variants for the GPU lineup. They say that they will offer a product with one to four tiles on their GPU.

In a recent announcement, Koduri said that the Intel Xe-HP GPU would help develop the ecosystem for the Ponte Vecchio architecture. The Xe-HPG line will replace the Xe-HP, which will add “AI interference and visual cloud,” which was the original goal of Xe-HP, as reported by the Wccftech page (November 1).

Intel Xe-HPG focuses on media in terms of analytics, processing, and cloud technologies, such as cloud gaming and cloud graphics, Intel seems to want to compete with GeForce NOW, Google Stadia, and Amazon Luna.

However, what is interesting to note is the use of media conversion servers/video content providers. As is known, Intel is one of the largest hardware providers for the World Olympics, which was held in Tokyo, Japan, some time ago.

In the event, they used Intel Xeon-based servers to help stream 8K 60fps HDR video that was transferred and implemented directly to the cloud to televisions anywhere.


While most consumers may not be able to access the full resolution capabilities of what is on offer, the fact that this technology is readily available today is proof that entertainment technology will be able to evolve even higher in the future.

Finally, Koduri also discussed the Intel Xe-HPG, which is planned to support high-end applications such as 3DS Max. These GPUs are expected to expand their line of business to high-end workstations.

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