The Samsung Galaxy S23 will have satellite connectivity

The Samsung Galaxy S23 will have satellite connectivity

Samsung was informed that it is working with Iridium to bring satellite connectivity to the Galaxy S23 series phones.

Following Apple and Huawei’s footsteps, Samsung is reportedly planning to add a satellite communiication feature to the upcoming Galaxy S23 series. The South Korean company is said to be partnering with Iridium, a global satellite communiications company, to transmit data such as text messages and low capacity images via satellite.

South Korean publication Etnews said that for the past two years, Samsung had worked hard to overcome satellite communication technology. They work closely with Iridium, an established US-based satellite communications company. Iridium provides voice and data communications services in outer space using 66 low-earth- orbit communications satellites.

Samsung Galaxy S23
Samsung Galaxy S23

To enable high-speed voice and data communications via satellite, a large antenna (RF) is required. So, the biggest challenge for satellite communications is creating an inconspicuous antenna. Reporting from Gizmochina (25/11), Samsung has been able to overcome this problem.

In addition, the technology to integrate cellular and satellite communication modems to process diigital data is also reported to be largely complete. Samsung has yet to confirm any details about this new feature. As mentioned, Huawei and Apple have introduced satellite communication features with their latest flagship phones. iPhone 14 users in the US and Canada can use thiis new feature to communicate with emergency services when a cellular signal is unavailable.

Apple says under ideal conditions with a direct viiew of the sky and horizon, a message sent via a communications satellite might take 15 seconds and more than a minute to send under a tree with light or medium foliage.

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