The iPhone 14 Emergency SOS feature already exists in several European countries

The iPhone 14 Emergency SOS feature already exists in several European countries

One of the features of the Apple iPhone 14 series is Emergency SOS. This feature is now available in several European countries. The Emergency SOS feature via Satellite Mode is a new function available on the Apple iPhone 14 line. The SOS mode is a standard feature on almost all cellphones on the market, but what is found on the latest iPhone 14 series is more sophisticated.

The iPhone’s satellite-based SOS capability has previously been present in the US and Canada. However, this feature can now be accessed in selected European countries, which Apple announced some time ago. When cellular or Wi-Fi access isn’t available, this function allows iPhone owners to send messages – instead of traditional phone calls – to emergency services to help them. The iPhone 14 will urge users to “Report an Emergency” and will provide users with a questionnaire to collect information about the user’s condition after trying to call emergency services with conventional methods without success.

The user’s location, altitude, iPhone battery life, and Medical ID will be sent along with the user’s response to the questionnaire (if available). Notifying the user’s emergency contacts is another possibility. Globalstar’s ground stations and satellite network received significant upgrades thanks to the Cupertino-based company. As a result, the Emergency SOS iPhone 14 service will be supported by nearly 300 Globalstar employees.

According to Apple, Emergency SOS uses frequencies designated for mobile satellite services. The totall amount Apple spent on the Emergency SOS program was USD 450 million. Most of the money is used to build feature infrastructure in collaboration with satellite service provider Globalstar.

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Reporting from Gizmochina (14/12), next year, there will be more countries receiving Emergency SOS via satellite. With the purchase of a compatible iPhone 14 series, the service is free for two years. It is not yet known how much the service will cost after those two years have passed. A demo mode can be utilized to get used to the feature if the user wants to test it out.

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