Samsung will provide the Galaxy A33 with waterproof capabilities

Samsung will provide the Galaxy A33 with waterproof capabilities

Samsung Galaxy A33 – In addition to increasing the smartphone’s attractiveness, this decision was also made to reduce production costs.

Samsung is known to be strengthening the position of its smartphones middle and lower class by introducing IP features or waterproof functions to these phones starting next year. This will start on the Galaxy A33, which is rumored to launch in January 2022.

According to a report by TheElec quoted from Gizmochina (December 2), this is a dual solution for the company. First, the company can increase the appeal of mid-range smartphones by adding water resistance. Second, this decision can reduce production costs by simplifying the manufacturing process for smartphone back covers.

Samsung will provide the Galaxy A33 with waterproof capabilities

The company is known to want to change the number of injections and coatings from 2 to 1. Injection refers to a plastic molding process, and coating is a technique for applying color to the surface of a product using spray paint or spray paint.

“Reducing the amount of injection and coating will significantly reduce production costs,” said an industry official quoted by Gizmochina.

To note, IP or Ingress Protection is a universally accepted measurement of varying degrees of resistance to dust and liquids. The device, backed by the international standard rating IP68, can withstanding dust, dirt, sand and stay at a maximum depth of 1.5 m underwater for up to 30 minutes.

Samsung exclusively provides this feature on their flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S21, and several upper-middle-class smartphones. However, whether the Galaxy A33 will carry the same IP68 rating as the Galaxy S21 or others is not yet known.

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