Samsung announced the world’s first smart door lock with UWB technology

Samsung announced the world’s first smart door lock with UWB technology

Samsung is working with Zigbang to launch a smart door lock based on Ultra Wide Band (UWB) technology.

South Korean technology giant Samsung has teamed up with Zigbang to release a smart door lock with an Ultra-Wide Band (UWB) chip. The Zigbang SHP-R80 UWB Digital Key Door Lock is the world’s first UWB-based smart door lock that can be unlocked without touching the connected phone. The arrival of this smart door lock is the culmination of the collaboration between Samsung and Zigbang.

The smart door lock detects the digital home key in the user’s Samsung mobile wallet. Thus, users can attach the phone to the lock or open the application without attaching it. According to Gizmochina (3/12), Ultra Wide Band technology uses radio waves such as Wi-Fi or Bluetooth for short-range communications.

However, the high-frequency band ensures that proper distance measurement and correct signal direction detection are achieved. UWB technology also provides better protection from hacking due to its short range. The UWB functionality is activated via a digital home key added to the smartphone’s Samsung Wallet.

Thanks to the Zigbang app, smart locks with UWB can notify household members of the identity of the person who unlocked the door. If you lose your phone, you can disable the digital home key using the Find My Mobile tool. If this is not done, intruders can use the digital home key to enter the house.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold 4 and Galaxy S22 Ultra support UWB functionality and will be compatible with these smart door locks. Both phones can use Samsung Pay to unlock Zigbang smarts. Although the price is unknown, the Zigbang SHP-R80 UWB Digital Key Door Lock will launch in South Korea. Zigbang smart door locks will also be released to other markets outside of South Korea.


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