In recent news, the hackers from Russia REvil have released Apple’s data which they managed to take a hostage from Quanta’s side.

Some time ago, it was reported that the REvil hacker group had hacked and held Apple’s important data hostage. This happened at one of the suppliers and assemblers of MacBook Quanta Computer some time ago, which was attacked by ransomware malware.

The hackers reportedly managed to break into Quanta’s security system located in Taiwan. As a result, the hackers asked for a ransom if Apple didn’t want the data they got to leak on the dark web.

They asked for a ransom that was not small, around USD 50 million, and had to be paid on April 27. However, it turned out that Quanta and Apple did not pay attention to what the hackers said.

Uniquely, instead of being released to the dark web, the hackers from Russia are said to have pulled a ransom from the data they got. However, it is not clear what the motive behind the release of Apple’s data was not paid even though it was not paid, as reported by Wccftech (28/4).

As is known, some blueprint data from MacBook and other devices are claimed to have been retrieved by REvil. They first revealed hacking action right at the Apple event some time ago.

And until now, Apple is still silent about hacking. On the other hand, Quanta claimed to have conducted a massive investigation with external IT experts to reveal this incident.

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