Renderings of Mercedes-AMG GLC 63 2024 Sees the Future of the Four-Cylinder SUV

Renderings of Mercedes-AMG GLC 63 2024 Sees the Future of the Four-Cylinder SUV

Mercedes-AMG GLC 63 2024 – Mercedes hasn’t revealed the new C63 AMG, but we all know an equivalent crossover isn’t far behind. Anyway, the standard GLC has been revealed, and we’ve seen its fair share of images of the AMG version going up against the BMW X3 M. In an attempt to unofficially preview the GLC 63, our good friends at Kolesa have digitally peeled off the camouflage of the recently-launched prototype. Recently spied undergoing testing.

This high-performance crossover will look much more aggressive than the Benz-badged GLC, featuring a Panamericana grille and quad exhaust tips. It’s sure to get wider wheel arches to fit the bigger wheels and more powerful brakes with superior stopping power to match the powerful plug-in hybrid setup. Spy shots have revealed that the GLC 63 will also have rear-wheel steering, which should pay dividends in terms of stability when speeding through corners.

Renderings of Mercedes-AMG GLC 63 2024 Sees the Future of the Four-Cylinder SUV

While the prototype has showcased the fake front air intakes brought into this rendering, we have reason to believe that won’t be the case in the production model. Why? Mercedes-AMG brought a thin-covered 2023 C63 at last month’s Goodwood Festival of Speed ​​and has functional air intakes at both corners of the bumper. We see no reason its crossover sibling should have that faux plastic piece.

Like the C63 sedan and wagon, the GLC 63 will lose its V8 engine. It’s not going to skimp on Mercedes’ smooth, smooth inline-six because the powertrain will actually be down four cylinders. The new wave of “63” cars will use the 2.0-liter turbocharged petrol engine of the compact but longitudinally mounted “45” model. Powered by a rear-mounted electric motor, the PHEV setup will produce approximately 670 horsepower and 750 Newton-meters (553 pound-feet) of torque.


Adding an e-motor means that the C63 and GLC 63 will be sold exclusively with the 4Matic while their predecessors will only use the rear-wheel drive. Weight shouldn’t be an issue, as the three-pointed star says the overall PHEV setup will still be lighter than the old M177 V8. That said, we’re pretty sure the “no substitute for displacement” crowd will miss out on the twin-turbo 4.0-liter unit.

Mercedes will initially unveil the C63 Sedan/T-Modell later this year, possibly in October, at the Paris Motor Show. GLC should follow suit in 2023, when it will likely merge with the “Coupe” derivative. The German luxury marque will not launch another C63 Coupe/Convertible as this will be replaced by the CLE 63, which will also replace the next-generation two-door E63 model.

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