Razer officially introduces Wolverine v2 Chroma

Razer officially introduces Wolverine v2 Chroma

Razer has just launched a new controller for console gamers called Wolverine v2 Chroma.

Razer seems to be getting serious about working on peripherals for console gamers. This time, they introduced a new controller for gamers of the latest generation of consoles, such as the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, called Wolverine v2 Chroma. This controller comes with a slightly newer design and adds some useful features for gamers.

Razer officially introduces Wolverine v2 Chroma

The first thing that gamers will immediately recognize is the presence of Razer Chroma RGB lighting that takes this controller a step further than last year’s V2. There are also two new multifunction buttons located close to the four trigger buttons on the back of the gamepad.

These types of buttons are not like the pad models found in Microsoft Elite or Scuf, but they are equipped with a 2-stage stopper switch that allows gamers to choose between stopping distances to their liking.

Razer officially introduces Wolverine v2 Chroma

Engadget (September 15) also reports that the V2 Chroma has a replaceable thumbstick. Users will also get several thumbsticks in the sales package, where one set is long and concave for FPS games, and the other is shorter and convex for RPG games and others.

For the price, Razer offers the Wolverine V2 Chroma for USD 150. This controller has a lower price than the Microsoft Elite or Scuf.


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