Microsoft and AMD roll out Windows 11 bug patch

Microsoft and AMD roll out Windows 11 bug patch

After making some AMD platform users slow down while using apps in Windows 11, AMD and Microsoft rolled out an update to address the bug.

Platform users AMD running OS have Windows 11 complained about performance degradation when running some applications. Of course, this is a problem for users, especially for gamers.

Fortunately, AMD and Microsoft moved quickly to address the issue. And with the latest driver update from AMD (version, users will be able to solve the problem.

After investigating, it turns out that this bug occurs because there is a code problem related to UEFI CPPC2. In some cases, this bug makes Windows 11 prefer to schedule multiple threads on the processor’s fastest core, as AMD representatives quoted from the Wccftech page (October 22).

This bug results in slowing down of CPU thread performance-sensitive applications. AMD notes that this problem is more noticeable on processors with more than eight cores and a Thermal Design Power (TDP) of 65W or higher.

On the other hand, Microsoft said they have also pushed a software update to address a bug that increases L3 cache latency. This issue affects apps that need fast memory access, which in turn causes the CPU to slow down by up to 15 percent. 

This update will come as Windows 11 KB5006746 and will be available starting today and must be installed via Windows Update. However, as of this writing, there is still no visible update.

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