MediaTek has just launched their latest WiFi 6 chipset, the MT7921, ready for use on ASUS ROG and TUF Gaming laptops. MediaTek has just announced the presence of the newest generation of WiFi chipsets. They introduced the WiFi 6 MT7921 chipset for use not on smartphones but for laptops.

Asus wifi 6

They claim, the performance of this chipset is higher when compared to the previous generation 2×2 dual-band antenna. This chipset is also more power-efficient and powerful because it uses 22nm fabrication technology. Users will also get lower latency and better coverage. Due to this advantage, MediaTek is confident to embed the WiFi chipset on a gaming laptop. They also managed to convince ASUS to use their WiFi 6 modem on ROG and TUF Gaming laptops.

By collaborating with Asus, we are bringing the best connectivity experience and capabilities to consumers. To stream games smoothly and enjoy a longer battery life.” MediaTek Corporate Vice President Alan Hsu said in a press release received by the editorial team (23/3).

On the other hand, General Manager, PC, and Laptops ASUS, Rangoon Chang, said they are looking forward to preparing ASUS gaming laptops that use MediaTek WiFi 6 to come to the market.

We are very pleased to bring MediaTek’s WiFi technology to the ROG and TUF series. We share our commitment to bringing gamers, content creators, and everyone else. “The technology they need to do their best,” said Rangoon.

Unfortunately, it is still unknown when this ROG and TUF Gaming laptop with a modem from MediaTek will be on the market.

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