MediaTek Launches Genio 1200, Premium Chipset for AIoT Devices

MediaTek Launches Genio 1200, Premium Chipset for AIoT Devices

MediaTek Genio 1200 – As the growth of AIoT products increases, the need for dedicated IoT chips also increases. MediaTek launched the latest AIoT-only chipset product, the Genio 1200. This is a premium class AIoT chipset.

“Today, MediaTek supports the most popular AIoT devices on the market. As the iindustry enters the next era of innovation, MediaTek’s Genio platform delivers the flexibility, scalability, and development support brands need to meet the latest market demands,” said Jerry Yu, MediaTek Corporate Senior Vice President and General Manager of MediaTek’s Computing, Connectivity, and Metaverse Business Group.

Genio 1200 Specifications and Features

Genio 1200 comes with 6nm fabrication, an octa-core CPU with 5-core graphics, and a Dual-Core AI processor with 4.8 TOPs. This makes it suitable for a wide range of smart home devices, industrial-scale IoT applications, and a wide variety of other AI-embedded devices.

The Genio 1200 can also process ultra-high-definition display and camera input from various applications of computer vision (CV).

Multimedia support, which can display up to 4K resolution. There is support for various interfaces such as PCI-Express, USB 3.1, and GbE MAC. In addition, of course, it is also equipped with MediaTek Wi-Fi 6E and sub-6 5G modem chips to allow AIoT devices to connect directly to the internet.

MediaTek Launches Genio 1200, Premium Chipset for AIoT Devices

The platform uses an open SDK, allowing designers to customize multiple products with the same software package and supporting Yocto Linux. MediaTek Genio provides developers with easy access to a variety of developer tools and access to the partner system hardware and software.

It is estimated that products with the AIoT Genio 1200 chipset will launch in the commercial market from the second half of 2022.


In addition to the Genio 1200, Mediatek will also launch other models of the Genio AIoT chipset lineup, including:

  • Genio 500 for retail and commercial IoT applications requiring high-performance edge processing and advanced multimedia capabilities.
  • Genio 350 for hubs in-home and portable environments that require lower vision and edge voice processing.
  • Genio 130 for voice assistant devices supported by lightweight and cloud operating systems that require an audio and microphone-focused platform.

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