iPad will be able to use WhatsApp

iPad will be able to use WhatsApp

Not only for iPad, but users who use Android tablets will also be able to use WhatsApp.

WhatsApp just revealed their plans to support multi-device a while back. This means users can use 1 account WhatsApp on multiple devices at once.

However, in some of the latest leaks, it turns out that it is not only smartphones that can run this feature. However, iPad users who previously couldn’t use WhatsApp will now be able to use it.

Wccftech (à august 23) said that WhatsApp is currently developing their app for the iPad, which is co-developed with multi-device 2.0 development. This means the iPad device is included in the linked device support.

Apparently, not only for the iPad but WhatsApp also, in general, develops the WhatsApp application for Android tablets. So, users will be able to use all devices for the application.

However, for the time being, users will still have limited device support when using the feature. They can only use on up to 4 devices, be it a laptop/computer or an iPad or Android tablet.

Unfortunately, it is still unknown when WhattsApp will roll out this feature on iPad and Android tablet devices. To be sure, with this feature, users will be easier to connect on any device.

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