Intel Masters TSMC Production Line

Intel Masters TSMC Production Line

In recent news, it is reported that Intel has secured most of the TSMC production line to produce their new processors.

Intel is rumored to be soon shifting production of their processors from internal factories to other companies. One manufacturer that has earned the trust of Intel is TSMC.

It was recently discovered that TSMC had won an order for the production of 3nm-based chipsets for Intel. Interestingly, Intell also took most of the production at TSMC to manufacture their processors.

Reportedly, TSMC will start producing the CPU in Q2 2022. Then, they will only mass-produce it in mid-2022. The production capacity will reach 4,000 wafers in May 2022 and will reach 10,000 wafers per month.

As reported by Wccftech (August 13), they will not only provide two models, but they will at least offer four products that will be produced at TSMC’s Fab 18b on 3nm fabrication technology.

As is known, Intel devoured all of TSMC’s 3nm production capacity to put pressure on its competitors, especially AMD and Apple. As is known, AMD and Apple only rely on TSMC to produce their 7nm chips.

And if Intel manages to get most of the chipset production line, then AMD and Apple will get a smaller share of the production unless both spend big money to help TSMC build the new line.


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