Intel LGA 1700 socket will be square

Intel LGA 1700 socket will be square

Intel will make their processors square starting with LGA 1700 based socket for Alder Lake.

A leak regarding socket Intel the latest generation has leaked onto the internet. This time, an appearance of the LGA 1700/ LGA 1800 socket surfaced on the internet, which was shared by a leaker or expert informant.

As is known, the LGA 1700 will be present in the 12th generation Intel Alder Lake line with the 600 series chipset. While the LGA 1800 will be present in the 13th generation Intel Raptor Lake processor with the 700 series chipset.

The Intel LGA 1700/1800 socket actually has more than 1700 pins. As usual, Intel uses the total of the pins present in the socket for naming their sockets. In fact, there will be more pins than the socket calling itself.

In the LGA 1700, for example, this socket should have a total of 1700 points of contact. But in fact, Intel has a total of 100 additional pins that have their own functions.

Intel LGA 1700 socket will be square

Reporting to Wccftech (September 15), it will no longer be box-shaped for the shape of the CPU itself. It will be slightly squared in size at 37.5×45.0mm and will be supported by the ‘V0’ socket we know as the LGA 1700. 

The new socket also changes the mounting position to a 78x78mm grid instead of a 75x75mm grid. The ‘Z’ axis height also changes to 6.529 mm compared to 7.31 mm on the previous LGA 12**/115* socket.

These will be the two biggest changes from the latest generation of Intel processors. As for how the pins are arranged, the Intel LGA 1700 socket will use a similar ‘L’ shaped design with two contact areas similar to the existing LGA 1200 socket, but only in a wider compartment as it needs to accommodate another 500 pins.


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