Infinix officially announces ZERO X Pro

Infinix officially announces ZERO X Pro

ZERO X Pro – Infinix has just held an online webinar event titled Infinix Presents: See Beyond. This event was held to introduce their latest smartphone line, namely ZERO X Pro, which has advantages in the camera sector.

The company said that one of the advantages of this smartphone is the rear camera which comes with a feature to photograph the Moon with good results compared to other smartphones in the same price range.

In this event, Infinix invited several experts and reviewers to discuss this camera’s technology and space in general. They also collaborated with the Royal Observatory Greenwich to bring astronomical knowledge to today’s technology.

“Infinix has a deep relationship with space exploration and is taking smartphone camera technology to the next level,” said Skye Chen, Head of Public Relations of Infinix.

“We are excited to bring the world of astronomy and the ability to capture it with Infinix’s cutting-edge technology into the hands of the next generation so that they can see further into worlds they have only ever imagined. The Royal Observatory Greenwich feels very well suited to our support because I know their focus is also inspiring a new generation.”

On the other hand, the representative of the Royal Observatory Greenwich, Dr. Emily Drabak-Maunder, expressed their enthusiasm for the collaboration between her party and Infinix.

“Our mission in Greenwich is to bring the world of astronomy closer to the general public, and we are very grateful to Infinix for their support and commitment to increasing access to astronomy,” said Emily.

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Infinix partnered with the Royal Observatory Greenwich because of the presence of breakthrough visual features such as the 60X periscope moonshot camera and the Galileo Algorithm Engine from Infinix. This feature allows for the best shots of the Moon at high resolution. Users can capture sharp moon images using Infinix’s “Super Moon Mode” combined with the 108MP OIS main camera.

Unfortunately, Infinix has not revealed when they will officially sell the ZERO X Pro. However, this device is said to have a price of around USD 400.

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