IKEA x ASUS ROG products are ready to launch

IKEA x ASUS ROG products are ready to launch

In an announcement, IKEA and ASUS ROG are ready to launch a line of gaming furniture in the near future.

IKEA and ASUS ROG Gaming are finally ready to introduce a line of gaming furniture from their collaboration. As is known, the two companies have announced a partnership about a year ago.

They announced that there would be six product families that are the result of their collaboration. The six products they offer are Uppspel, Lånespelare, Matchspel, Gruppsel, Utespelare, and Huvudspelare.

Most of these products are IKEA designs. However, they say that in designing this product, ASUS provided its insights to add comfort and aesthetics to gamers.

Gamers will be able to purchase gear from gaming chairs and tables to handy accessories like bungee mice and ring lights. Prices range from USD 6.49 to USD 599, reports Engadget (September 17).

Indeed, at first glance, some of the furniture and accessories that fall into this category result from “redesign” from other models. It’s just, they give some gaming touches, like RGB and others, and make it a bit more expensive.

For the time being, all products from the collaboration between IKEA and ASUS ROG Gaming will only be sold in China and Japan. And those who live in the United States and the United Kingdom will get a share starting October 1 next.


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