Huawei and Vodafone to build 5G smart train stations in Europe

Huawei and Vodafone to build 5G smart train stations in Europe

Europe smart train stations  – Europe first smart train stations managed by a network 5G private is about to be built. This happened thanks to the cooperation agreement signed by Huawei and Vodafone.

Upon completion, it will become Europe’s largest smart multimodal transport rail hub and the first to use 5G networks for internal communications and the operation of technological devices.

According to Gizmochina (October 11), the station’s 5G network will be provided by Vodafone Hungary and Huawei Technologies Hungary. It will be used to control the terminal’s self-contained giant crane remotely. This crane is capable of smooth and even movement. The terminal will be able to handle up to 1 million containers per year upon completion in the first quarter of next year.

“This is the first time the company has used 5G technology to empower the traditional rail logistics industry in Europe and realize remote control of cranes through 5G technology. With 5G’s technical advantages, such as high speed, low latency, and high capacity, workers only need to sit in the central control room and use 5G-based high-quality video to complete remote operations, which improves the work environment and operating efficiency,” said the CEO of Huawei Technologies. Hungary, Colin Cai Lingyu.

The Deputy Secretary of State for Digitalization of Hungary, Károly Balázs Solymár, said the government is paying special attention to industrial solutions based on 5G technology, targeting the logistics industry. Hungary will use state-of-the-art digital technology to carry out additional innovations in the future, enhancing its competitiveness even further.

According to the China Securities Journal, Huawei estimated in its “Intelligent World 2030” report that 1 million businesses will build their own 5G private networks (including virtual private networks) by 2030 and that the penetration rate of the 5G industry’s private networks is across large and medium-sized businesses will reach 35%.


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