HTC VR Headset – Both devices are powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 processor and support a very high resolution to reduce motion sickness.

HTC recently launched two virtual reality (VR) devices with 5K resolutions. The two VR headsets are Vive Pro 2, which must be connected to a PC, and Vive Focus 3, which can be used independently.

The 5K resolution is one of the major improvements on the two VR devices. There is also a 120-degree field of view (up from 110 degrees on the previous model), allowing users to see a wider range. This new device also uses RGB sub-pixels on its screen to get sharper and smoother images.


Reporting from New Atlas (12/5), the HTC Vive Pro 2 is a headset that must be connected to a PC to provide a resolution of 2,448 x 2,448 pixels for each eye. The refresh rate it provides is 120 Hz, so it promises smooth movement to reduce motion sickness.

There is additional focus technology that is more accurate, so it feels more comfortable. Do not miss the support for 3D spatial sound through Hi-Res Audio certified headphones.

As for the HTC Vive Focus 3, this VR device can function independently, and it doesn’t require a PC. The background resolution it has is 2,448 x 2,448 pixels for each eye. However, this time it has a refresh rate of 90 Hz. There is also a replaceable battery, so you can always replace it when it runs out of power. HTC claims this battery can last up to 2 hours.

A Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 processor powers both devices. Although the HTC Vive Focus 3 can run games, this VR headset is intended for business purposes. Prices for the HTC Vive Pro 2 start at USD 749, while the HTC Vive Focus 3 starts at USD 1,300.

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