Honor confirms Honor Magic V, its first flagship foldable smartphone

Honor confirms Honor Magic V, its first flagship foldable smartphone

Honor Magic V will be Honor’s first flagship folding smartphone with unknown specifications.

Honor officially confirmed the foldable smartphone upcoming by sharing an image hinting at the foldable design via the company’s official Twitter account. The smartphone is called the Honor Magic V and is the company’s first flagship foldable smartphone.

Since splitting from Huawei in an attempt to survive US sanctions, Honor has launched several devices. Continuing to grow, now Honor plans to present its first flagship folding smartphone. The company says the phone is slated for release in China, but there’s no information on a global release yet.

With the news of the upcoming Honor Magic V, Honor officially joins the ranks of OEMs that have already entered the foldable smartphone market, including Samsung with the Galaxy Z Fold and Flip and Xiaomi with the Mi Mix Fold.

Leaked Honor Magic V specifications 

Leaks related to Honor MagicV specifications are very rare. The image uploads shared by the company are not very informative. However, the design shows what looks like a camera bulge located on the right side on closer inspection. This can be seen when the background brightness is increased. 

There’s also a visible antenna band along the phone’s sides to ensure the build doesn’t cause interference to the phone’s signal. This means the device will be in the style of a book like the Galaxy Z Fold. 

Of course, this information can be wrong because it is based on speculation. For more details, we need to wait for official news from Honor.


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