Google Hybrid – In December, Google CEO Sundar Pichai wants to test hybrid work patterns for his employees.

Several companies in America have started talking about returning workers to work in offices. This is because the number of people who have been vaccinated is increasing every day.

One company that is starting to think about this is Google. Indeed, in early 2021, Google said it would fully return its workers to offices around the end of this year. But, in a recent statement from Google CEO Sundar Pichai, he said they would speed things up. However, they will use the latest hybrid working scheme.

Engadget (6/5) reported that Pichai said that they would test the hybrid work scheme in December. The scheme that will be implemented in three days the employees have to work in the office and two more days work.

In addition, Google will offer more opportunities for employees to move around. In mid-June, they will introduce a process that allows workers to perform work from different offices.

What’s more, all employees will have the opportunity to work up to four weeks from their assigned office temporarily. Google also plans to develop a team scheme consisting entirely of people not from the same office.

Whether workers choose to move to a different office or choose to work remotely, their compensation will be adjusted according to the new location,” Pichai said of the policy.

With these changes, Pichai estimates that about 60 percent of the company’s workforce will be working in an office several days each week. 20% will work from home, while the other 20% will be located in offices.

credit: 9to5google

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