GeIL DDR5 RAM – In recent news, GeIL has just officially introduced a line of DDR5 RAM that can run up to 7200 MHz. One more vendor announced the presence of DDR5 RAM. If previously SKHynix and Corsair showed off their DDR5 RAM lineup, this time, it’s GeIL’s turn to tease technology fans.

GeIL launches the next generation Polaris DDR5 memory kit with speeds up to 7200 MHz. This makes them one of the first vendors to launch DDR5 RAM at this speed. The memory capacity offered by GeIL ranges from 16 GB (16 GB x1) to 128 GB (32 GB x4). GeIL says its DDR5 lineup will be available in various specifications, one of which is the base 4800 MHz (CL40-40-40 1.1V) model.

And if users want to overclock, GeIL also offers overclockable Polaris DDR5, which will range from 6000 MHz (CL32-36-36), 6400 MHz (CL-32-36-36), 6800 MHz (CL36-44- 44), and 7200 MHz (CL36-44-44).

Wccftech (20/5) reports GeIL will have RGB & non-RGB memory kits. So, users can adjust the aesthetics of RAM with the PC theme they want without sacrificing performance.

Not to forget, GeIL will also provide a faster memory module in the future. They have prepared RAM with a speed of more than 10,000 MHz, which is currently in the research phase.

GeIL itself said it would be ready to sell the RAM lineup in the fourth quarter of 2021.

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