DDR5 will be 50% more expensive than DDR4

DDR5 will be 50% more expensive than DDR4

MSI says DDR5 RAM will be 50 to 60 percent more expensive than DDR4 when it first sells.

PC component vendors are now introducing their DDR5 RAM kits for the latest generation of PC platforms. This RAM will have faster performance and save power compared to the previous generation platform. However, of course, there is a price that users have to pay to be able to have this DDR5 RAM. One of them is the more expensive price than DDR4 RAM, which is currently the standard in the market.

This was disclosed by MSI. In their latest blog, it turns out that the price of DDR5 RAM will be about 50 to 60 percent more expensive when compared to DDR4 RAM. This figure is higher than when DDR4 was first introduced.

“Historically, newer memory technologies have always been 30-40% more expensive than the previous generation. However, this time, DDR5 includes additional components that have pushed the price of this RAM more expensive,” said MSI, as quoted from Tom’s page. Hardware (October 21).

“As a result, we expect a 50-60% price increase compared to DDR4 at launch.”

They also say this price will not last long. They expect the price of DDR5 RAM to decline in a relatively short period of time usually. “It usually takes about 2 years to reach a price balance with the previous generation, and we expect the trend to remain similar with DDR5 modules as well,” said MSI.

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