Corsair: DDR5 RAM cooler should be better

Corsair: DDR5 RAM cooler should be better

In a statement, Corsair officials said that DDR5 RAM could run very hot, so it requires good cooling.

Corsair has just provided information regarding the latest memory technology. They announced that DDR5 RAM would require good cooling system support. This is because DDR5 RAM is not like DDR3 and DDR4 RAM. Where DDR5 RAM can reach very high speeds.

Corsair also said that they have targeted to have RAM with the performance starting from 6400 MT/s and continuing up to 12600 MT/s. Therefore, DDR5 RAM modules must have a capable heat spreader.

“DDR5 can probably run a lot hotter than DDR4 because this module transfers the voltage settings from the motherboard to the RAM module, so users can actually pump more heat into the RAM,” said George Makris, director of DIY marketing at Corsair. Hardware (August 8).

DDR5 was developed to support performance scaling for the next few years. The DDR5 architecture will allow DRAM makers to produce JEDEC-standard DDR5-12600 chips in the future, but it won’t be in the near future.

However, Corsair also said that they would not worry about the RAM module they developed. They make sure all their DDR5 RAM will run properly.

Unfortunately, until now, Corsair has not revealed the presence of their DDR5 RAM lineup. However, several other vendors say they are ready to sell their DDR5 RAM modules at the end of 2021.


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