Cooler appearance for Intel Alder Lake

Cooler appearance for Intel Alder Lake

Cooler – Intel seems to have made many changes to their latest CPU, namely Alder Lake, which is based on the LGA 1700 socket.

Leaked news regarding the processor Intel latest has Alder Lake resurfaced. But instead of discussing its performance, the leak discusses the design of the cooling system or cooler that is prepared for the 12th generation CPU lineup.

In recent news, Intel will present three new types of coolers for the three Alder Lake segments. These three types of coolers are referred to as Intel LAMINAR, which are claimed to cool CPUs with a TDP of 65W. 

From the picture above, we can see some of the differences between the three coolers. As is known, Intel uses a new socket for this Alder Lake CPU line. They will use the LGA 1700 socket, which is rumored to be slightly different from previous Intel processor designs.

For the most standard type, they are referred to as RS1, present for Pentium and Celeron chips. Then, the second is the RM1 variant which comes with LEDs intended for Core i7/Core i5/Core i3 chips.

As for the variant that comes with higher cooling fins and RGB LEDs, namely RH1, is intended for the Core i9 chip. All three coolers have a fan in the middle and appear in a sexier black color.

There’s also a new locking mechanism that uses screws instead of pins like their old coolers. So, users can install this cooler more easily, as reported by Wccftech (September 12).

Users can expect to get this cooler when purchasing a non-K series desktop Alder Lake processor or purchase it separately. Whereas the K-series SKUs will come without a cooler like the current generation chips.


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