Causes of Twitch streamer hacker attacks

Causes of Twitch streamer hacker attacks

Twitch streamer – Fortunately, Twitch has taken care of this issue and made sure any credentials, including passwords, are not exposed on the internet.

Some time ago, it was mentioned that the accounts of streamers on Twitch had been hacked in a big way. Of course, this caught the attention of many people because it was an extraordinary occurrence.

Twitch itself has responded to the hack by saying it was due to a hack of the source code, streamer payment numbers, and other information, which was preceded by a server configuration change.

“This happened due to an error in the Twitch server configuration change, which a malicious third party then accessed,” said a Twitch representative, as quoted from the Engadget page (October 8).

They said the development team is currently working hard to investigate the attack. The results will then be revealed as soon as possible.

The Amazon-owned streaming site added that there was no indication of any credentials, including passwords, being revealed. “In addition, the full credit card number is not stored by Twitch, so the full credit card number is not exposed,” he said.

Twitch also said they were very careful about this incident, and they reset all streaming locks and provided streamers with links to get new streaming keys.

Depending on the broadcast software the streamer uses, they may need to update the software to start a new stream manually. “Twitch Studio, Streamlabs, Xbox, PlayStation, and Twitch Mobile App users don’t need to take any action for their new key to work. Meanwhile, OBS users who have linked their Twitch account don’t need to take any action either.”


However, if the streamer has not yet connected their OBS account to Twitch, they must manually copy the stream from the Twitch Dashboard and paste it into OBS. “For users of other methods, please refer to the specific setup instructions for the software of your choice,” said a Twitch representative.

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