Noodles ASUS is rumored to be distributing ROG-themed instant noodles for ASUS ROG laptop buyers in Taiwan. It is not yet known whether these instant noodles will also be available internationally.

ASUS seems to want to expand its business to a wider industry. After joining IKEA and building a range of furniture for gamers, they are now targeting other industries.a

In recent news, ASUS seems to be eyeing the food and beverage industry for brand ROG. They are called preparing an instant noodle aimed at gamers.

They collaborated with Taiwan Tobacco and Alcohol Company to launch this instant noodle produced in limited quantities. Interestingly, all the packets of these instant noodles use ROG characters.

Tom’s Hardware (June 18) reports that the instant noodles will be named ROG×Taiwan Alcohol E-sports Instant Noodles. They will offer three variants for gamers who buy ROG gaming laptops.

The three variants offered are sesame oil chicken noodles, Huadiao chicken noodles, and Huadiao pickled beef noodles. All three will come with original ROG characters such as “Cold Ninja Se7en”, “Judgement Gun God Horsem4n”, and “Electricity Samurai Akira.”

Unfortunately, this promotion will only be available in Taiwan from today until the end of July. Gamers also have to buy one of the ASUS ROG laptops to get the limited edition instant noodles.

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