USPTO-issued patent features a new design for the Apple Watch with a full strap design and a flexible display. Apple Watch has had a design that is identical to one another. Since the first generation models were launched in 2015. They only come in two sizes, featuring the same rectangular screen. The design changes on the Apple Watch Series 4 also only increase the screen-to-body ratio by reducing the bezel and thickness.

However, new reports suggest that the Cupertino-based company will give birth to a new Apple Watch model. Which is likely the upcoming Apple Watch Series 7. A patent from the USPTO number 10,957,678 features a design for a smartwatch from Apple. The patent is entitled “Display module and system application” and was filed in mid-November 2019.

New Patent

From the patent, you can see a picture of a futuristic device, like the one in the movies. It is a smartwatch that features a strap all over, and the screen is inside the waistband. In other words, the screen is flexible and can bend to fit the user’s wrist. Apple ensures that the bezel of this device will be significantly reduced by using a flexible OLED panel.

“The width of the bezel that surrounds the display panel can be minimized. For example, under 4-5 mm or even less than 1 mm, less than 0.5 mm, or omitted. “Reporting from BGR (24/3).

The device will include a display with a plurality of interconnects extending through the screen substrate from the front surface to the back cover. A majority of interconnects electrically connect the LED circuit in the display area. The main components, including the battery, processor, some ambient light sensors, and more, will be installed in the cover on the back of the display assembly.

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Apple Watch
Source: BGR

The Apple Watch design does not represent the iconic Digital Crown button currently on the Apple Watch device. But MacRumors, in a separate patent, invented a capacitive ring slit sensor for input devices. The patent describes a button like the Digital Crown featuring two nested capacitive rings that move with each other to provide various functions.

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