Apple M3 will use TSMC N3 technology

Apple M3 will use TSMC N3 technology

In recent news, Apple is said to be in the development of an M3 chipset based on TSMC’s N3 technology.

Apple is currently reportedly preparing a new line of SoCs for the latest generation of Macintosh devices. They are said to be introducing the latest M2 chipset that uses 5nm fabrication technology.

The exciting thing is that it turns out that Apple has also developed the next-generation chipset called the M3. However, instead of using 4nm fabrication technology like the chipset in the iPhone, they will use a new fabrication technology. As usual, they will cooperate with TSMC to produce the chipset. And apparently, they will be using TSMC’s proprietary 3nm fabrication technology called the N3.

Apple M3 will use TSMC N3 technology

Reporting from Wccftech (December 5), TSMC will start mass chips production in the fourth quarter of 2022. So, at the earliest, we will see devices using this fabrication technology in early 2023. Chipsets that use 3nm fabrication technology will offer more performance capabilities and better power consumption on Mac and iPhone models. So, users will get very high performance.

Apple is rumored to be using a high core count on their M3 chipset. Users will get up to four dies, which will be able to deliver a total of 40 cores. In comparison, the M1 chip has an 8-core CPU while the new M1 Pro and M1 Max have a 10-core CPU. So, users will really feel an increase in performance when they use devices based on these chipsets.


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