Apple fixes iOS 15 and Apple Watch bugs

Apple fixes iOS 15 and Apple Watch bugs

iOS 15 users can now re-unlock their iPhone with an Apple Watch, although some iPhone 13 models still won’t be able to use it.

In the update iOS 15, some iPhone users said they encountered a pretty annoying bug. What’s more, for iPhone 13 users running the OS, getting a more unpleasant experience.

Users say they can’t unlock the screen using their Apple Watch device. In fact, this feature is very helpful for users to unlock the screen quickly.

Fortunately, Apple has rolled out a fix after getting reports from its users. They rolled out the iOS 15.0.1 update to fix this bug, as reported by Engadget (October 3).

As is known, Apple added a screen unlock feature via Apple Watch in watchOS 7.4 earlier this year. This feature was rolled out to make it easier for users to unlock their devices without removing the mask to use Face ID.

But unfortunately, for iPhone 13 users, this feature still can’t be used properly. However, given that sales of the iPhone 13 only started at the end of last September, there is still time for Apple to fix it.


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