Apple Discusses with SK Innovation to Develop Electric Cars

Apple Discusses with SK Innovation to Develop Electric Cars

Apple is again reported to have held discussions with EV manufacturers from South Korea, SK Innovation for Apple Car.

Apple is still looking for the right company to partner in producing the Apple Car. Several big-name automakers have popped up recently, but there’s been no definitive statement or tipster indicating the Apple Car is ready to be signed in black and white.

Recently, the manufacturer of an electric car from South Korea is known to have discussions with Apple. This news was highlighted by the Korea Times and specifically mentioned the discussion beyond iPhone’s involvement with its Korean counterpart. 

According to reports, Apple is not only discussing with one South Korean manufacturer. The Cupertino-based company talks with several names, such as LG Electronics, SK Innovation, and Hanwa. It is known, SK Innovation is the maker of EV batteries from the SK Group.

It’s interesting to hear that a tech company like Apple has its own car. This will be the project that lovers of futuristic goods have been waiting for. Unfortunately, there is still little information regarding the development of the Apple Car. It is also not known whether this car will be produced commercially or otherwise.

Meanwhile, Samsung some time ago also reportedly held talks with several car manufacturers, including Hyundai, Kia, and Nissan. But the company has not made a public statement to confirm whether the discussions took place. This is because the car manufacturer mentioned did not issue a statement denying or confirming the outstanding claims.

Source: Gizmochina

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