AMD and MediaTek are rumored to be creating a “Joint Venture” company

AMD and MediaTek are rumored to be creating a “Joint Venture” company

In a rumor, AMD and MediaTek are said to be creating a joint venture company to bring 5G networks to processors for laptops.

The number of technology companies to acquire or partner with-based chipset companies ARM is growing. This is because more and more technologies are utilizing ARM-based chipsets for various purposes.

Therefore, NVIDIA also wants to acquire ARM directly. However, their competitors, namely AMD, have other ways to take advantage of the technology. They are reportedly approaching Mediatek to form a joint venture (JV).

According to the publication, this JV will focus on SoC-level data transmission technologies, such as 5G, Wi-Fi, and even wired data transmission controllers. If that effort materializes, we’ll see Mediatek IP integrated into AMD’s SoCs, with the focus being placed on mobility hardware solutions like laptops.

Tom’s Hardware (September 26) reports that the joint venture’s technology will be on the market in 2024 as soon as possible. So, tech enthusiasts will have to wait quite a long time.

As is known, this is not the first time AMD has collaborated with MediaTek. AMD once integrated Mediatek’s Wi-Fi 6 technology into their AMD RZ608 chip, which debuted on the AYANEO handheld gaming console. 

Although this module is AMD branded, it is actually a new version of Mediatek’s MT7921K wireless communication module.

In addition, AMD wants to make its notebook solution more attractive by integrating data transmission technology. And as is known, MediaTek is one company that has this capability.

However, for the time being, AMD has not responded to these rumors. While on the other hand, MediaTek openly denied the report. And as is well known, both are standard responses when it comes to industry insider leaks. – AMD, MediaTek, Joint Venture.

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