4K ProRes only works on iPhone 13 Pro 256GB and above

4K ProRes only works on iPhone 13 Pro 256GB and above

If users want to record 4K videos, ProRes will only be able to run on iPhone 13 Pro devices with 256GB and above the storage.

Apple just announced their iPhone 13 series line yesterday. Many new things that embedded Apple has in this device from the previous series, including high-resolution video recording.

However, as it turns out, there are some differences that potential users need to know. Especially for users who want to buy an iPhone 13 Pro 256GB, with a lower storage capacity variant.

Apple said the difference between the two versions is in the ProRes recording. Those on the 256GB or higher model can shoot videos at 4K ProRes resolution.

However, those who want to use a model with 128GB of storage and below will only be able to do ProRes recording. And even then at 1080p resolution only, not at 4K resolution.

In some reports, Apple took this decision because when recording 4K 30fps ProRes videos, they would require a lot of storage. So there will be concerns that user storage will fill up quickly, as reported by Wccftech (September 16).

While reasonable, this decision left many fans of the device disappointed. But what is certain, apart from that, all existing camera features will be identical.


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